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Parental Involvement

Parents Involvement

Children make the most progress when parents are fully involved in their children’s learning and we actively encourage parental involvement. We aim to work in partnership with parents in the education of their children. It is important that children are happy and at ease with the education process. The more aware parents are of the work of the school, the easier it is to develop this. Positive involvement of parents in the activities of the school is welcomed. Ways in which parents can play an active role include.

Attending such meetings as may be called from time to time.

Promote the school and its personnel in a positive manner.

Assist the school in enforcing all the school rules e.g. punctuality, uniform, behavior, school attendance, care and respectful use of school property.

Support the school in their decision(s) when dealing with pupils who have disregarded the school rules.

Keep the school well informed of matters that could affect your child’s performance at school etc.