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Homework is seen as an important part of the learning process. Children are encouraged to extend their school work in their homes, to expand on and organize their own work, to search for information and solve problems. The child will be issued with a homework diary and this will contain their homework on daily basis. Parents need to check and sign this diary on a daily basis.

Summer Vacation Homework (2017-2018)

Pre Nursery Maths Homework

Pre Nursery Drawing Homework

Pre Nursery English Homework

Pre Nursery Hindi Homework

LKG Drawing Homework

LKG English Homework

LKG Hindi Homework

LKG Maths Homework

Class - 1st Homework

Class - 2nd Homework

Class - 3rd Homework

Class - 4th Homework

Class - 5th Homework

Class - 6th Homework

Class - 7th Homework

Class - 8th Homework

Class - 9th Homework